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Post GST:Export procedure for Technical Design Services

Question asked by ashokabtronic on Sep 14, 2017

We are located in India and have activity of manufacturing medical devices. We are associated with US company for development of electronics and embedded software for their product. We would  be providing only technical design services to US customer. There would be absolutely no sale/shipping of material/goods. Software and hardware designs shall be transferred to customer through internet only. Payment towards our services shall be in US$ . We already have our own products being marketed in India so we do have GST registration.We have not done any exports so far. We import lot many parts and raw materials.

       We understand, export of technical design-development  services for Hardware & Software development falls under zero rate GST category. In relation to the  current export assignment,


1) Is our presumption of"zero GST " true?

2) Do we need to execute  LUT or Bond ?

3) Do we need to be member of Electronics & Computer Software Export Promotion Council. 

Please guide us


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